Mother & Father being led like a sheep to slaughter

                                                                                                            Author: Adam Schellenberg-Grandson

It all started when Mother and Father (Betty & Harold Tippetts) met some French missionaries from the Church of the Firstborn. It was shortly after that we packed all of our necessities in a small trailer; Mother and Father sold most of it, and with undo farewell we were moving to Mexico. I was about as shocked as an eleven-year-old could be!  However, the idea of moving to a place similar to the photos I had seen of Guadalajara and Mexico City made me excited. “What an adventure!” I thought.

I could never have known it at the time, but I was being led away from everything I truly believed to live in adobe huts and watch the world around me fall apart. What I knew and how I dreamed I’d grow up could not have been more different from the reality I lived.

But, still, I knew, and I know, God is watching.

Nevertheless, I discovered first-hand that miracles abound in the darkest of situations, on my journey home.

To learn more about what havoc this Cult has done and to see what MarJean will be up against


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