Returning to LeBaron: Day 2

Day 2: April 30th 2017:

My first child Felipe, was born on this corner lot. The original house burnt to the ground and now been rebuilt but this was the spot. It is much more modern than the house when he was born.
My sister took me to the mountain that enters into Colonia LeBaron. The mountain that as a kid I would escape to and  Lane Stubbs and I would pretend we were Queen and King of the castle because we thought the mountain looked like a castle. It was much smaller than I remember.
Our Castle
This is our castle view of Colonia LeBaron
 Our last visit of the day was my sisters place to meet my nieces and nephews. Some roads are still pretty rough here. As you can tell we had a tire issue. Tip: Always have a spare when driving in Mexico.
Look at the difference of scenery. We drove on this dirt road in these pictures above. This was a road that reminded me of the old Colonia LeBaron. After a  few minutes on this road until we rounded the bend to my sisters place. The picture below shows the huge difference!
My sister showed us her spa retreat she is building up here. I think she will be pretty successful with scenery like this. She also treated me to a nice foot rub and a delicious mango smoothy. What a great little sister!
We also visited with Harvey Stubbs and his wife. I was able to learn a few details for my book. It is interesting how you can live in the same place and have different perspectives. I really enjoyed my visit with some original Colonia LeBaron settlers.
After meeting up with the Stubbs and meeting my little nieces and nephews we continued to the last visit of the day, one of my friends. We were one of the few girls that had been my age in LeBaron at the time.
My sister was a great tour guide. I had so much fun spending time and getting to know her.
Recipe for her mango shake
Mangos, goats milk, pecans, honey
That’s all we got for the shake.  Most things are made with throwing in a little of this and a little of that.
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