Return to LeBaron: Day 3

Monday May 1, 2017

We woke up early to head home today. On our first day in LeBaron we had done a quick drive-by of the house that daddy and I had built within the first year that we lived in LeBaron, but we hadn’t taken pictures, so we decided to make a quick stop and get out for pictures this time.

Street to home Daddy and I built

My daughter in law insisted that we go knock on the door to ask about wandering the place.

Here it is!

As a child of 12 years old, I helped build this place. It was one of the first concrete homes in LeBaron.

View from our front window. Across the street lived Ervil LeBarons wife Anna Maes house.

This is the well that I helped Daddy dig and dropped a bucket of cement on him in which I thought I had killed him.

The people that live there now was so friendly they let us go in and gave us a tour of the place.

Kitchen/ main living area


Daddy and Mothers Bedroom


Room all the kids shared

Nannettes portion of the house

Nanette, Daddys 3rd wifes area

The people living in the house now were so friendly and willing to talk to us and told us what they had done to make changes. It helped refresh my mind. The grandpa here was on site when Joel LeBaron the prophet of the church was killed. He told us stories and we stayed for hours. The little ones were fascinated with all the picture taking so we took a picture of all of us. Myself, the first family to live here and the last/ current family that lives there.

Needless to say our early rising to get home early didn’t pan out because we spent most the day visiting these delightful people. It was all worth it! To top our trip off Terry Lainey showed up right as we were leaving. Terry and Dale Lainey were brothers that family was close to ours wherever we moved. They were a constant in my life and always there for me. Little brothers that I treasure their friendship and hadn’t seen them since I had left.

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