Writers Tea Party

Arizona Writers Tea Party

Chateau De Via

The beginning of the year me and my little writing helpers joined  American Night Writers Association to help us in this writing journey. This group has been fantastic!

I have really enjoyed getting to meet new ladies and get their perspectives on my book.

Sept 13, 2017, before one of the annual writer’s conventions, one of the Regency Romance writers, held a tea party at the Chateau De Via. We all dressed up in Regency period clothes, a few ladies sang and read some poems and we sampled little tea party delights.

Look how beautiful it is! It was Heavenly!

I had no idea a place like this existed in the deserts of Arizona.

Lady MarJean

I never played tea party as a little girl but I got the experience as an adult and it was  dreamy,  it felt like we were in wonderland.

Chateau de Via
Tea Party
Chateau De Via
MarJean & Grandaughter
Ladies Tea Party

My Grand-daughter! Isn’t this just beautiful?

Chocolate Truffle
Ladies at In N Out

Did you know this is what a truffle looked like? I didn’t.

After me and my daughter in law, Karie and my grand-daughter, Cassidy had to stop by In-N-Out because tea parties aren’t really food.

Getting to meet other women authors was neat.